Empowering Children… One Teacher at a Time.

Your experience, along with hands-on support and mentoring, will make a huge difference to less fortunate teachers in rural Peru.

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Strengthening Education Through Sharing and Support.

We provide teachers from across the globe with an opportunity to make connections, mentor and learn from one another.

We work primarily with local teachers in rural areas of Peru, who have limited opportunities to work with other educators and are eager to put new methodologies and skills to work in their classrooms. Both volunteers and local teachers grow and benefit from the experience. Their students and the system as a whole benefit long term. It’s this lasting change that makes a difference and improves lives.

We help provide a bridge between curriculum, teaching skills, and the reality of working in remote rural schools, opening greater possibilities for these communities.

Volunteer Time

We provide an opportunity for teachers to make connections and learn from one another.

Sharing Expertise

We harness the skills and talents of educators and volunteers abroad and put them to good use.

Financial Support

We provide a means to contribute financial support for the children, families, teachers and schools we work with.

We help empower children through mentoring, training and supporting their teachers.

What is at stake, if we don’t make the effort?

We live in a world of increasing challenges and problems that can only be solved by creating problem solvers. Our efforts accelerate the evolution of education in more remote areas of Peru where neither teachers nor students have reasonable access to educational resources and learning opportunities.

Peru has a long history of last place finishes in levels in reading and math and low GDP spending on education. Although the educational system has in recent years been trying to close these gaps in achievement and spending, progress has been discontinuous. And Peru has a particular challenge, given there are 3 million native Quechua speakers and 600,000 Aymara speakers, as well as the geographical realities of substantial populations living in more remote areas of the high Andes.

The Achievement Gap is the greatest obstacle remaining to provide quality education in Peru. It is this disparity between urban and rural areas which continues to be underserved.

Although more spending on education has been a trend in Peru for the past decade, the challenge of reaching teachers and children in remote areas will require more than small increases in government funding. It will require academic support, training and educational resources.

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Your expertise and support can make a huge difference to teachers who have few options for continuing their educations.

We help rural schools by providing support, materials and educational resources.

What you can do to help make a difference.

Volunteering to actually be a teacher in developing countries for a short time, brings fresh ideas and advances to childrens’ educations, but if you want to make long-term change it is best to leave something of the knowledge and skills you have behind to continue the use of these skills and knowledge. First and foremost, our goal is the recruitment of trained volunteer teachers, with the methodologies and skills to conduct workshops for local teachers in rural school systems here in Peru. These teachers care deeply, but have few opportunities for continued education or to learn new teaching skills.

If you are not a teacher, but feel strongly about education and think you can contribute in some way, we welcome the time and expertise of people from all walks of life. We are looking for like minds and your ideas and skills as students or professionals. We can always use your help with networking and social communications, or volunteer recruitment and fund raising. We applaud your willingness and look forward to your ideas and your contributions in every way.

Volunteer Abroad

Your expertise, hands-on support and mentoring can make a huge difference to teachers in rural areas where there are few opportunities to learn and to improve their professional skills.

Spanish language skills are not necessary. We work through teaching translators and help you develop visuals and hands-on activities to enhance your own approach and practices.

Volunteer Expertise

Apply your expertise and talents to helping us improve the lives of teachers and children who have few other options. If you have expertise in any of the areas below and want to contribute, please let us know.

Help with Communications

Social Media Projects

Fund Raising Efforts

Volunteer Recruitment

Financial Support

Your donations are the backbone of our fundraising and can help change the lives of the children we work with. It’s easy to sign up and all of your contributions are tax-deductible.

Contribute Once, Monthly or Annually – Make a tax-deductible donation.

Adopt a Child – Help provide enrollment, materials & supplies for an individual child.

Adopt a Volunteer – Help pay someone’s way to volunteering abroad.

Adopt a School – Help provide equipment, materials & supplies.

What our Volunteers and Benefactors have to Say.

I volunteered at Teach a Teacher at a time in my teaching career where I was feeling stagnate and burnt out. The chance to work with other teachers in such a different capacity than I was used to was fulfilling and provided an opportunity for me to grow and learn as an educator in a way no professional development had ever offered me before. Not only did my time with Teach a Teacher send me back the next school year inspired and rejuvenated, but it also offered me a valuable learning experience for my next career move as a school administrator. Teach a Teacher opened my eyes to a more global perspective of education that has continued to influence both my professional and personal life in a positive and meaningful way.

Laura Landstrom

Assistant Principal
District of Columbia Public Schools

As a professional music and ESL teacher, I found the idea of teaching math through rhythm and music to be a great idea for getting kids to have fun with a ‘boring’ subject. Working with like minded people who have a passion for education was a lot of fun, and I’ll never forget the love and generosity I received from both the TeachaTeacher team and those who attended the workshops. Through this program I traveled to a beautiful country, met great people, and had some extremely exciting experiences… all while doing fulfilling and meaningful work. What more could you ask for?

Darren Johnson

Music & ESL Teacher
Chengdu Aeronautic Polytechnic University

As an educator, I have really valued contributing to Teach a Teacher to support their teacher education programs in Peru. Some of our contributions have been used on educational materials, whiteboards for classrooms, educational supplies and classroom educational events. We find this to be a very responsive organization that let’s us know how our contributions are spent. We especially have enjoyed sponsoring a school in the town of Ancoracá in Cordillera Negras of Andes Mountain Range in Peru. Kelly Dwyer, who organizes projects in Peru is a very capable leader.

Gordon and Marcia Mercer

Teach a Teacher Benefactors
Professor Emeritus, Western Carolina University

We help provide a means for support for the children, families and schools we work with.

Help with financial support!

Make a onetime, monthly or yearly donation.

We welcome and NEED your donations to help fund schools and workshop needs and costs. Contribute in any way you can, and please flee free to contact us for more information on how your money is used. It’s easy to sign up and all of your contributions are tax-deductible.

Contribute Once, Monthly or Annually – Make a tax-deductible donation.

Adopt a Volunteer – Help pay someone’s way to volunteering abroad.

Adopt a School – Help provide equipment, materials & supplies.

We are dedicated to improving lives and promoting empowerment through education.

You can help change the lives of the children we work with by volunteering your time and helping strengthen their education through mentoring, training and supporting their teachers.

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We would love to hear from you!

Please send us any questions you have about volunteering time or making donations. We can’t do our work without you, and if you have any suggestions or ideas you think may further our cause, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We value each and every contribution.

If you prefer to talk on the phone, communicate via email or send us a letter, we’re here to listen, answer your questions and share our story!

We will neither sell your information or send you junk mail.

Trusting us with your contact information allows us to keep you updated on our programs and progress. We do this once or twice a year, no more.

Your donations are the backbone of our fundraising.

You can make a difference by helping us to support their teachers and provide necessary educational resources and materials.

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